November 4, 2021

Microsoft Partners Forge International Alliance for a New Approach to Business Applications

(Las Vegas, Nevada – November 4, 2021) In an effort to drive greater consumption of Microsoft 365 cloud services, Seer Strategic Solutions, LLC announced a new partnership today with ITSystems – a Microsoft Gold Partner based in Montevideo, Uruguay.


Founded in 2010 by Andres Barreiro and Marcelo Barberena, ITSystems is an IT service company that develops business applications on SharePoint Online, BizTalk, and custom .NET development. Certified by Microsoft in Application Development and Application Integration, ITSystems serves clients across North, South, and Central America.


According to founder Andres Barreiro, “Our signature strategy is to become one with our partners, and this is what we had in mind when joining Seer. The aim is to build a solid and long-lasting relationship that will translate into achieving our client’s goals and meet their expectations. We deeply believe in bringing added value to the table as we work together as a team that understands our clients’ needs and their end customer’s preferences.”


Based in the southwestern U.S., Seer seeks to pair its new Adoption-as-a-Service model with ITSystem’s development initiatives. Seer touts this model for emerging technologies, allowing organizations to contract expert consultants on a subscriptive service to ensure project success and maximize business value.


“Partnership with ITSystems allows us to positively impact users who want more out of SharePoint,” said Sheila Volante, Seer’s managing partner. “When users learn to streamline their internal business processes with these tools, our clients can unlock the full potential of the Microsoft 365 suite.”


Named a Top B2B Company by Clutch, ITSystems drives its developers to stay up-to-date with the latest tools and technologies, while maintaining three critical skill sets.

  • Problem-solving skills: The main thesis of software development is “solving some kind of problem.” Software development provides the solution to that problem.
  • Business skills: Any skilled software developer can develop software applications, but a great software developer is the one who understands the business significance of the software application.
  • Communication skills: It is mandatory for us to have English-speaking employees who can explain a concept or relay information clearly to their managers, other co-workers, and clients.


Seer partner Jason Price said, “Responsibility, reliability, and commitment – the core values at the heart of ITSystems make it an ideal partner to Seer.”


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