June 28, 2021

Modern Workplace experts unite to drive innovation for Microsoft customers

(Las Vegas, Nevada – June 28, 2021) Sheila Volante, MBA and Microsoft-certified adoption specialist Jason Price announced an agreement today to partner as Seer Strategic Solutions, LLC. The consulting firm intends to lead an American revolution to radically reskill talent in response to the transformative challenges of Globalization 4.0, an initiative touted by the World Economic Forum


As Forum President Borge Brende explained, “According to the 2018 Future of Jobs Report, 75 million jobs are expected to be displaced by 2022 in 20 major economies. At the same time, technological advances and new ways of working could also create 133 million new roles, driven by large-scale growth in new products and services that would allow people to work with machines and algorithms to meet the demands of demographic shifts and economic changes.”

Companies need additional support in contributing to and reinforcing their digital transformation... The support will revamp and streamline more efficient practices and improve roles across the nation.

To meet these demands in the United States, Seer has developed a service model that builds user adoption, readiness, and reskilling programs to support modernization to cloud applications, AI, IoT and robotics. Leveraging end user change management frameworks by Prosci, the Association of Talent Development, and Microsoft, Seer’s model focuses on the employee experience to help individuals dispel fear, embrace change, and cultivate a learning culture. 


“Companies need additional support in contributing to and reinforcing their digital transformation,” said founding partner Sheila Volante. “The support will revamp and streamline more efficient practices and improve roles across the nation.” 


Seer’s services follow a proven social science approach that generates solutions to business challenges, embeds organizational change, and maximizes end user satisfaction, adoption, and performance. This approach is designed to complement technical implementations by other Microsoft partners to mitigate any people-side risks, reduce costly delays, and realize the full benefits of a SaaS subscription. 


Managing partner Jason Price said, “When given the right combination of tools, skills and motivation, the American worker aspires to succeed, innovate, and advance his or her career. Today as technology progression is pressuring local labor markets to evolve, public and private sectors are obligated to partner in education reform, lifelong learning, and reskilling initiatives to ensure American businesses have the talent they need to compete and win. These investments will give employees across this great nation the economic opportunity to grow, contribute to their communities at work and home, and remain competitive for the jobs of the future.”


“Valuing human capital not only serves to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to respond to systemic shifts,” said Brende. “It also empowers them to take part in creating a more equal, inclusive and sustainable world.”


Equality and inclusivity are heavily vested in Seer’s structure, partnerships, and initiatives. With Volante as the majority owner, the firm is pursuing SBA designations as Woman Owned Small Business and Small Disadvantaged Business while it operates in a Qualified Historically Underutilized Business Zone in downtown Las Vegas. Further, Seer has joined the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners as a value-added reseller and the Microsoft Black Channel Partner Alliance as a nonprofit technology accelerator – the latter under a program that expands the capacity and impact of organizations serving African American communities. 


As posted on the Alliance’s website, Microsoft has renewed its commitment to finding ways to combat racial justice and inequity. One way they are doing this is by utilizing their technology and partnerships to provide minority-focused nonprofits the critical services and support at a local community level that is needed to drive change. 


“Sheila and I have a long history supporting NPOs (nonprofit organizations) with leadership and talent development,” said Price. “They are our ‘soft spot.’ But more importantly, NPOs will play a key role in supporting and strengthening communities as they endure tremendous technological, economic, social, and environmental stresses over the next few years.”


Volante added, “The Microsoft accelerator program demonstrates how an enterprise and its affiliates can join hands with NPOs to accomplish a greater mission. It is a paragon of public and private sector partnership to support transformation and sustained growth for the benefit of all Americans.”


Seer Strategic Solutions is a digital adoption and change consultancy based in Las Vegas. For more information, please contact hello@seersolution.com or visit www.seersolution.com.

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