July 28, 2021

New Partners Join Forces to Power Secure Innovation for Microsoft Customers

(Las Vegas, Nevada – July 28, 2021) Microsoft partners ECF Data, LLC and Seer Strategic Solutions, LLC announced an agreement today to accelerate the process of digital transformation for commercial businesses and government entities across the U.S.


The newly formed partnership pairs ECF’s competencies in cloud productivity and communications with Seer’s expertise in user adoption and change management to fulfill Microsoft’s ideal deployment methodology for its customers.


Founded in 2010, ECF Data is a Microsoft Gold Partner with services across architecture, implementation, and management of IT applications and infrastructure. President and CEO Joseph Henderson said, “As Microsoft begins a new fiscal year, we recognize its heavy investment into building customer capabilities in three critical areas of cloud: security and compliance, business applications, and telephony and voice in Microsoft Teams. These capabilities are key to boosting productivity for employees post-pandemic, whether they are working fully from home or returning to hybrid office spaces. However, deployment alone is not enough to ensure these capabilities are realized by individual employees, and for that companies need to consider their adoption strategy.”

Deployment alone is not enough to ensure these capabilities are realized by individual employees, and for that companies need to consider their adoption strategy.

A young firm specialized in adoption consulting, Seer Strategic Solutions approaches technology deployments from the business user perspective. “New technology inherently produces change within a business,” said managing partner Sheila Volante. “Yet many businesses instinctively react to change – and, as research reflects, often fumble it – as opposed to proactively and organically developing it, managing it, and ultimately sustaining its benefits.”


Under the combined service model, Seer applies Microsoft’s adoption and training resources to employee and leadership enablement programs while ECF designs and implements the technologies in parallel. In this fashion, the partners are announcing combined offerings for the following workloads effective today:

Seer partner Jason Price explained, “Suppose I give you a widget. If I cannot convince you of its value nor help you use it, it will end up on a shelf gathering dust. Our partnership with ECF Data is built to show employees the capabilities of these applications, train them on optimal workflows, and help them achieve more of their potential. Until employees incorporate a tool into their daily work, a deployment has yet to succeed.”


ECF Data is an IT service firm based in Las Vegas but with national reach. It is a Microsoft Gold Partner that specializes in their three clouds: Modern Workplace, Azure, and Business Applications. For more information, please visit www.ecfdata.com.


Seer Strategic Solutions is a digital adoption and change consultancy based in Las Vegas. For more information, please contact hello@seersolution.com or visit www.seersolution.com.


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