Solution Consulting Services

Don't forget about the people on your next deployment

Often projects lead with technology first at mind and the people at times are the afterthought. In order to improve end-user adoptability on Microsoft products their values are important to capture. Our team are the Microsoft Adoption Specialists geared towards making sure the business stakeholders are not left behind. If you are in need of an adoption team on your next deployment. We would love to hear from you!

Adoption Plan

Our adoption plan establishes roles and responsibilities for the project team, defines the strategy and scenarios that constitute the user experience, reports on organizational readiness, lays out a timeline of services and milestones by sprint, and illustrates dependencies for continuous measurement and feedback.

Champions Network

Our adoption and change management consultant designs a strategy to recruit, organize, and activate a group of organizational influencers to provide localized on-the-job support to end users. Our consultant offers best practices for selecting the right team of champions, setting roles and expectations, onboarding, and engaging champions throughout the project lifecycle.

Customized Communications

Communcation is all types of sorts. Communication is key. However, our services pinpoints the right communication message dedicated for the business stakeholders.

Expert Training

Our courses are designed with the end user at mind. Video learning is just one type of way of learning. Our team builds custom content specifically around the goals and objectives of the project. Our training styles include a variety of training modalities.

Performance Indicators

Our adoption and change consultant meets with the customer’s stakeholders and the project team to review recommendations based on the final Adoption and Performance Report. The agenda addresses “pockets of resistance,” “lessons learned,” new features releasing on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, and ongoing strategy to drive further adoption. We monitor performance every step of the way in the project to ensure we are either meeting or exceeding the business nd project expectations.

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