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Seer Strategic Solutions believes in the strength of the Microsoft partner ecosystem. It develops strategy and solutions that align with partners to help their customers envision their future on cloud technology, build digital capabilities, and drive organizational transformation. This page is dedicated to answering partner questions.

Why Partner With Seer?

Seer delivers programs that engage your customers’ line of business. Half of all technology buying decisions are made by business unit leaders.


Acquisition Costs are Increasing

Online advertising is estimated to grow 20% in 2021 and 14% YoY through 2024.1


Customer Experience is Engaging

Highly engaged customers buy more, promote more, and demonstrate more loyalty. A high-quality customer experience is critical to your customer engagement strategy.


Non-Engaged Customers are at Risk

If you are not engaging customers to deepen their involvement with your brand, you risk having to replace them.

Value-Added Services

Maximize Project Success

Overcome Obstacles to Change

Improve End User Experiences

Mitigate Migration Risks

Expand M365 Applications for Your Clients


Value to Customers

What problems do you solve for customers?

Complex business requirements, employee resistance to change, migration risks, benefit realization.


How do you differentiate?

We engage business users to unlock value and define strategy for Microsoft 365.

Value to Partners

What value do you bring to other partners?

Deeper, longer lasting, and more profitable customer engagements.


What are you expert in doing?

User adoption, business consulting, change management, Cloud Accelerator Workshops, training, knowledge management, employee experience.



Seer Strategic Solutions

HQ Location

Las Vegas

Other Locations

Santa Clarita, CA

# of Employees

< 10

Contact Name

Sheila Volante

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Managing Partner

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Business Application, Modern Workplace, Viva

Target Customers

Mid Market, SMB Top Unmanaged, Enterprise


Aerospace, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retail, other Commercial

Key Clients

East Penn Manufacturing

Key Partners

ChatMode, ECF Data, Think AI, Gryphon Consulting

When to Partner with Seer

Ideation / Concept

The best time to involve Seer is at the beginning of an engagement, as your client is considering solutions, open to ideation, or developing a concept.

Project Scoping

The next-best time to involve Seer is post-implementation, about 3 months after a deployment of Microsoft 365. Many customers at this stage do not know everything their subscription provides and are looking for guidance to solve their problems.

Projects in Flight

The third-best time is when scoping a project, as you prepare to propose an implementation. Seer can ensure your project has the necessary user adoption and support to succeed.


The least desirable time to involve Seer is in the middle or near the end of a project. It’s difficult to execute user adoption plans without sufficient time to analyze, design or develop.


Show them how to solve a problem.

  • Line of business wrestles with multiple problems at any given time. This site categorizes them well: The 33 Biggest Business Challenges Growing Companies Face – Mario Peshev.
  • Solutions tend to involve three primary aspects: people, process, and technology.
  • Technology by itself cannot solve every problem, but when properly paired with people and process, technology becomes extremely powerful.
  • The opportunity lies in demonstrating a comprehensive solution for business leaders in a specific industry.

Seer’s programs are built around the business user and take direction from business leadership.

  • Invent 365 is a pre-implementation program that focuses line of business on problems, solutions, and outcomes to uncover value within a Microsoft 365 subscription.
  • Performed in partnership with your solution architect, Invent 365 creates a long-term cloud strategy, implementation and adoption plans, and a financial analysis for executive leadership to review.
  • Seer then designs and executes user adoption, communication and training programs that enable employees to utilize the solutions and drive business outcomes.
  • Seer’s communication plans often involve empowering sponsors outside of IT to articulate the value proposition
  • Seer also reinforces the value realized by your clients in regular success reviews.

Seer is committed to driving results with your clients through OCM (organizational change management) and CSM (customer success management) practices.

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