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At Seer, we pioneer the bridge between technology and business. Our services are meticulously crafted to steer businesses through their digital transformation journey with Microsoft tools.

M365 Cloud Accelerator Experiences

M365 Accelerator: Dive into a condensed session offering insights into Microsoft 365’s vast suite, ideal for businesses aiming for a succinct overview.

Invent 365: A detailed exploration, tailored to help businesses align with Microsoft 365’s capabilities to meet their unique needs and vision. Ideal for long-term strategy and planning.

Solution Consulting Services

Enablement Experiences

Trial Enablement: Get hands-on with our products. This experience offers a sandbox environment allowing businesses to gauge the fit and functional prowess of tools.

POC Express: Validate how our solutions integrate with your existing systems. It’s a chance to see how our offerings can be embedded into your workflows with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

Full Delivery Experience

Adoption as a Service: We stand by you at every step. Our team ensures that the product is not just implemented, but truly adopted by every member of your organization.

Statement of Work: Our seasoned professionals, with their vast technical expertise, lead implementations, ensuring timely delivery and optimal configuration.

Our Framework
How Seer Constructs VALUE

The VALUE framework is Seer’s unique methodology. It ensures technology not only finds a place in your infrastructure but also seamlessly integrates into your daily workflows and organizational culture.

We ensure that our solutions align with your organizational vision and strategy. Through meticulous discussions, we understand your expected business outcomes and gauge your readiness, laying the groundwork for the journey ahead.

It’s vital for success that every stakeholder is on board. Our meticulous success plan, the intuitive onboarding playbook, and continuous transparent communication ensure everyone is in sync and engaged.

We believe in empowerment. Our structured training sessions, starting from administrative levels to champions and end-users, ensure every individual is equipped to leverage the tools to their fullest.

Implementation isn’t the finish line. We continuously monitor the health and usage patterns of our services. By identifying and promptly addressing any barriers, we ensure persistent and efficient adoption.

Sustainable success lies in evolution. We focus on continuous process improvement, validate performance metrics, and craft a strategic roadmap, ensuring the solutions evolve with your growing needs.

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