M365 Cloud Accelerator Experiences

Do you want to know more about your Microsoft Subscription?

A Cloud Accelerator Workshop (also known as a Customer Immersion Experience) is a hands-on introduction to Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools.


This true-to-life user experience takes you through everyday business situations, such as working remotely, analyzing sales data, and collaborating with co-workers, and it lets you see first-hand how Microsoft 365 products make work more accessible, more convenient, and more secure.

M365 Accelerator

Test Drive in our sandbox environment

Take a tour in a virtual "sandbox" hands-on environment

Unlock capabilities

Explore and discover the capabilities of the Microsoft 365 platform

Opportunity to improve processes

Reveal opportunities and benefits of advanced features and applications.

Unlock the enhancements for tomorrow

Unlock the potential for line of business stakeholders

Understand More ROI on your SaaS Product

If you have a E3 or E5 license and not sure what all of the products are all about. These sessions are designed just for that.