Unlock the Full Potential of Microsoft 365: Tailored Enablement Experiences

Navigate the vast and powerful capabilities of Microsoft 365 with our tailored enablement experiences. From hands-on trials to integration validations, we’re here to ensure your business leverages the full potential of the cloud seamlessly.


Trial Enablement Experience: Elevate Your Discovery

With the Trial Enablement Experience, immerse yourself in a risk-free sandbox environment, simulating real-world scenarios. Evaluate and understand the power and potential of Microsoft 365’s product offerings tailored for your unique needs.

Key Features:

  • Sandbox Exploration: Dive into a controlled environment that allows you to experiment, tweak, and test without any operational disruptions.

  • Product Overview Workshop: Participate in our specialized workshops, expertly designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of product functionalities, best use cases, and integration strategies.

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Empower up to 5 key stakeholders from your business to actively participate, providing them with firsthand experience and generating invaluable feedback.

Why Choose Trial Enablement? Trial before full commitment. This approach ensures you make informed decisions, based on actual hands-on experiences, safeguarding your investment and ensuring alignment with business goals.

POC Express Experience: Validate, Integrate, and Optimize

The POC (Proof of Concept) Express Experience is for businesses that have already dipped their toes in the expanse of Microsoft 365 but seek to optimize and validate their existing integrations.

Key Features:

  • Existing Product Activation: Engage up to 5 stakeholders and allow them to harness the full potential of your current Microsoft tools, ensuring they’re utilized to their maximum capabilities.

  • Product Overview Workshop: Deepen your understanding with our comprehensive workshop, focused on advanced functionalities, integration nuances, and optimization strategies for your existing product suite.

  • Hands-on Stakeholder Testing: Empower your key players to test, validate, and provide critical feedback, ensuring that the tools seamlessly blend into their daily workflow, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Why Choose POC Express? Even if you’ve taken the initial steps with Microsoft 365, there’s always room for enhancement. Validate your current setups, discover untapped efficiencies, and ensure that you’re making the most of your technological investments.

Why Opt for Our Enablement Experiences?

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, decisions need to be informed, and transitions smooth. Our enablement experiences are curated to ensure businesses harness the best of Microsoft 365 without hitches. Let us guide your journey to a more efficient, cloud-empowered future.

Choose Your Experience:

Trial Enablement

Dive into our product offerings in a controlled, sandboxed environment. Ideal for those looking to understand and gauge the potential of new Microsoft 365 products.
$ 8,000
  • Experience products in a sandbox environment.
  • Tailored workshops to explore product features.
  • Gain direct feedback from up to 5 stakeholders.

POC Express

Maximize the value of your existing Microsoft 365 tools. Tailored for businesses that seek to validate and optimize product integrations.
$ 8,000
  • Validate integration of existing Microsoft tools.
  • Comprehensive overview of product capabilities.
  • Test and optimize with 5 key stakeholders.
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