Kayla Jones

Administrative Assistant

As an Administrative Assistant at Seer Strategic Solutions, Kayla is responsible for the comprehensive oversight of billing, payroll, and operational frameworks that ensure organizational efficiency and compliance. Her expertise has been instrumental in refining internal processes, contributing to Seer’s operational excellence.

About Kayla

Prior to joining Seer Strategic Solutions, Kayla garnered valuable experience in the delivery of goods and services within the fast-paced sectors of fashion and wellness. Her role involved coordinating logistics and supply chain operations for industry-leading distributors. This experience has endowed her with a multifaceted skill set, enhancing her capability to adapt and excel in varied business environments.

In addition to her professional responsibilities, Kayla possesses proficiency in JavaScript and C++ programming languages, with a focus on robotics and software development. Her technical skills augment her problem-solving abilities, allowing her to approach operational challenges with innovative solutions.

Kayla is also dedicated to philanthropy, frequently volunteering with local nonprofit organizations to contribute positively to her community. Her commitment to social responsibility is a reflection of her professional integrity, making her an invaluable asset to both her workplace and community at large.